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What is Clueless Capybaras?

   Clueless Capybaras is an community-based NFT line aiming to be easily accessible for anyone from crypto market newcomers to experienced buyers. To put accessibility first, we designed it to be a cheap line and we hope to give people afraid of buying NFTs for hundreds of dollars a place to invest comfortably.

Everybody who joins in on the first wave will also be added to the Owners Club, a discord server where you can interact with other owners, help us decide future waves and mint prices, as well as have a form of passive income. You can read more about it on our Roadmap.

  We believe that your opinion and voice holds a great importance in our project managing. Therefore, first wave buyers will get access to community votes. Furthermore, any Capybara owner will be invited to dozens of social events, game nights and many more chances to earn prizes.

  The line will consist of 10K Clueless Capybaras and will be available for buying / minting on Magic Eden.

 *wave prices may change in the future

Staff Members

cryptoMind#2420 - DEVELOPER

 Experienced Dev in Web2, slowly transitioning into Web3 working on NFT projects. He helped us build the Candy Machine as well as solve any other technical difficulties we came across.

Contact: cryptoMind#2420


               MATT - OWNER

  Matt came with the ideea for our project. He is managing most of our operations and is in charge of all decision making. He will be offering almost 24/7 support and answer any questions through Discord.

Contact: FlickerWick#2604.


           MARI - SOCIAL MEDIA

  Mari has organized many social events IRL as well as in the digital world. She is in charge of promoting the project through our social media pages like Twitter and Instagram.

Contact: .Marii#0333

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