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Waves and Marketplace

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February 27 will be the release date of our website. We have been working on it tirelessly for well over a month so we hope you will enjoy it.

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After the site is ready, the social media marketing will begin, we will try to grow all of our social media accounts and send Magic Eden a submission request.

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April 7 will be the official release of the first wave of the Clueless Capybara NFT project. 

*Further delays are possible depending on the status of the project

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We hope that after a few days we will have the Owner Club ready to discuss future waves and their minting prices.

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Depending on when the mint is over, we will try to go live on Magic Eden or on Sol Sea on their secondary marketplace.

Owner Club 

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What it is

The Owner Club is a separate discord server for dedicated Capybara owners that get access to exclusive bonuses. Members of the club are treated like investors - income distributed to them monthly.  

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How to be part of it

There are two ways to enter the Owner Club. To be a part of the Owner Club you need to mind a Clueless Capybara NFT or purchase one from a secondary marketplace.

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Shared royalty fees

We aim to make members of the owner club feel like part of our project's team. As a bonus we will equally distribute all the income made from Magic Eden royalty fees to every owner club member on a monthly basis.

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Determine wave prices

Furthermore,similar to how owners of an NFT influence the floor price when a project goes live, we want the members of the owner cluv to be able to decide the future of our project.

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Post Mint

Clueless Capybaras is a versatile project, you can either view it as a long term investment, making guaranteed profit from royalty fees or choose to take a classic approach towards buying and selling our line.

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