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A project of 1000 Capybara NFTs on the
Solana blockhain.

Cluelessly swimming into your crypto wallets on 7th April.

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  • When is the public sale / mint?
    7th of April
  • Where can I buy / mint and sell Clueless Capybaras? or Sol-sea. ( not yet listed )
  • How many Clueless Capybaras can I buy / mint?
    There isn't a limit to how many tokens you can buy / mint. Feel free to make your own Capybara farm!
  • How do I buy / mint a Clueless Capybara?
    You can find the guide to purchase a Clueless Capybara here.
  • Why own a Clueless Capybara?
    We wish to make the people that own a Capybara NFT really feel like they own it. That is why we will have an Owner club which you can read more about on the "Roadmap" page. We will be launching the line in waves, each wave gradually increasing in price, opening the marketplace after the very last wave. This opens a great opportunity to make a profit selling and trading our adorable Capybaras if you mint one in earlier stages. You can also choose to keep your NFT for various benefits. You can read more about it on the "About us" page.
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